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R D Laing : The Divided Self

Ettinger Brothers announce Chris Corcoran to Direct R D Laing Film

R.D. Laing : The Divided Self to go into production in 2016.

R.D. Laing, author of 'The Divided Self' and 'Knots', was the best known and
most influential psychiatrist and psychoanalyst of modern times, who became
famous in the mid - sixties when he co-founded the therapeutic residential
community Kingsley Hall and began his experiments with LSD, is to be the
subject of a major feature film.

Ettinger Brothers, the Liverpool based film producers joined with Adrian
Laing on whose widely acclaimed work on his father "R D Laing: A Life",
which has been translated into Chinese, and upon which a compelling new
script by David Griffiths is adapted, are to produce the feature and in
announcing the Double Bafta nominated Chris Corcoran as Director are now
seeking to raise finance for the project which has a budget of £3.5m and
will be shot primarily at locations in Glasgow, London and around the UK.

Adrian Laing says: "It's fantastic to have on board a top quality Director with the proven skill and experience of Chris Corcoran; it will be a great film. The new script by David Griffiths is exciting, engaging and provides an opportunity for some world-beating performances. RD Laing's influence in the field of existential humanistic psychology was immeasurable. This film will go a long way in untying many of the knots of a turbulent man who fearlessly challenged his peers and the established world-order of psychiatry."

Christopher Corcoran, Director of RD Laing says: "As an actor I prayed for roles such as this. Now as a director I look forward to guiding the chosen actor in realising the potential of such a challenging, yet rewarding, role. R.D. Laing was an icon, guru, rebel, who still divides opinion to this day. He has to be one of the best subjects for a major film of the modern era. Together with screen writer, Dave Griffiths, and R. D's son, Adrian and Ettinger Brothers Films, I am confident we will produce a film just as entertaining as truthful.

My hope is that this film will achieve as much of a 'cult' status as Laing himself, re-ignite the debate and have people talking for years to come."

David Griffiths, Screenwriter of RD Laing says: "Working on this screenplay has been a fantastic
opportunity to bring to life psychiatry's most colourful figure. The story
of RD Laing is one of counter culture and anti establishment. He was a man
who tore up the rulebook and forged his own path - and had a fantastic ride
in doing so. There is something to greatly admire about that. Adding to
this, I have had the great privilege of working with his son, Adrian, who
has provided incredible insight in to his father's character and work whilst
allowing freedom to create a compelling story. This synergy has allowed the
creation of a screenplay that showcases the complex and occasionally
divisive Dr Laing whilst still maintaining a critical eye."

Philip Ettinger writes: "We are thrilled and privileged to be working with
Adrian Laing to bring the film of R.D. Laing to life and are today delighted
to confirm Chris Corcoran as Director of our film. We have a terrific
working relationship and understanding with Chris having worked on a number
of projects together and as a double Bafta nominated Director we are sure he
will bring his magical touch to our film. We are similarly excited about
working with David Griffiths whose new screenplay is entirely riveting and will have a big impact on audiences who will be witness to a truly unique and compelling story based on one of the most controversial and colourful
psychiatrists of his or any generation. We are now looking to complete the
raising of our production budget of £3.5 million in the coming period"

London, 10th June 2015

Note to editors:

For Further information please contact:

Philip Ettinger

+44 (0) 7764 654180


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